Leon Szwelicki

Was born with complex congenital heart defect HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome). Basically, he has only one heart chamber.

Our story

In 2017 our big dream came true and we learned that we will become parents soon. In such moments you don't think that something bad can happen, you want to believe that there are beautiful moments ahead of your family, filled with love and happiness. You realise that parenthood is also a concern, smaller and bigger, that you'll be responsible for this little human that appears in your life...

From the beginning of our pregnancy, we had regular ultrasound control and everything indicated that our child is healthy and develops properly. Unfortunately, during a follow-up ultrasound in the 26th week of pregnancy, it turned out that our son's heart isn't built as it should...

Echocardiological examination confirmed the heart defect, in addition, very serious and complex. It turned out that our son Leon has HLHS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome), which is a hypoplasia of the left heart with significant interatrial restriction, mitral stenosis, aortic atresia and anomalous pulmonary venous connection.

Listening to the diagnosis, we became more and more pale and felt our world collapsing... The next days were just terrible, full of a fear, helplessness and misunderstanding of the reality which we had to face...

The palliative treatment plan for children with such heart defect require at least 3 open heart operations and in between heart catheterization.

We knew that the fight for our son's life will be extremely difficult but despite this fact, we decided to do everything to help him and give him the best possible beginning for lifelong health.

We've collected all informations about institutions, possibilities and realities of surgical treatment of such defects in Poland and abroad. With this knowledge, we knew that we want our son to be born in the University Clinic in Münster in Germany and then operated by a great specialist, Professor Edward Malec, who later, luckily, agreed to treat our son.

Thanks to the huge support and commitment of many good people, Cor Infantis Foundation and Siepomaga.pl, we were able to go to the clinic in Munster, where 4th of April our long-awaited son came to the world.

12 of April, Professor Edward Malec, together with Docent Katarzyna Januszewska and his team of doctors, performed Norwood operation, which was successful. Just a week after the surgery Leon was transported from the intensive care unit to the pediatric cardiology department, and after another week we could take him home.
All this was possible thanks to the incredible cooperation of the doctors and wonderful care of all nurses team over our son.

Second operation is planned for 25th of October 2018, but it will not be the end of the surgical treatment. Leo will require at least one more surgery when he'll be around 3 years old.

There's a long way ahead of our son, full of medical procedures, like examinations, heart catheterizations and rehabilitation... We know, however, that there are children who have come all this way happily. Today, they go to school, ride a bike, go skiing and dream about a weekend spent with their friends. That's what we want for our child. We want Leo to have a happy and healthy life.

We are thankful to all amazing people who have helped and continually support us in the fight for our wonderful son's life! Unfortunately, costs of the next surgery and medical treatment are way too expensive for us.. We kindly ask you for a donation for further treatment of our son. Any help will be much appreciated.





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